hi there!

i usually go by rat, but anything's fine!they / themminori'm incredibly awkward, but i try to make decent conversation whenever possiblefeel free to message me if you want to be friend and/or roleplay! im always up to making new friends :0i will jokingly make cults and worship random things, which are usually memes (ex. bingus, big floppa, plushpollo, etc.)i am a cosplayer and (hopefully soon) to be fursuiteri really enjoy making art, whether it be drawing, painting, making kandi, or anything elsei have two rats, artemis and athena!i often end off my sentences with a dash for some reason-

Fandoms and kins

i only kin characters for fun, so don't worry about doubles or anything like that! if you aren't ok with it tho, i completely understand

fandoms or kins in italic are what im most into/relate to more

no straight roads
the promised neverland
jojo's bizarre adventure
zero escape
ace attorney
your turn to die
demon slayer
ai: the somnium files
hunter x hunter
smile for me
genshin impact
identity v

chihiro fujisaki (danganronpa)
eve/nadia (no straight roads)
kanao tsuyuri (demon slayer)
shinobu kocho (demon slayer)
gonta gokuhara (danganronpa)
rohan kishibe (jojo's bizarre adventure)
gwess (jojo's bizarre adventure)
franziska von karma (ace attorney)
crona gorgon (soul eater)
susamaru (demon slayer)
snake (zero escape)
clover (zero escape)
basil (omori)
mari (omori)
kay faraday (ace attorney)
tengen uzui (demon slayer)
venti (genshin impact)
melly plinius (identity v)

razor (genshin impact)

dni / byi/f

if you fit general dni qualities (transphobic, homophobic, racist, etc.)if you're 18+ (unless you're just interested in a character/art trade! im only uncomfortable with conversation/friendships-)if your aesthetic/interests are heavy on clowns, nothing against your interests, i'm just incredibly caulrophobic
many of my interests are more centered around psychological horror, such as zero escapei sometimes like bright/eyestraining things, if you want to be friends but are sensitive to that, please tell me so i don't send anything that could be uncomfortableim not the best at conversation, so it depends on what we talk about if i can continue it better or not-

Where to find me

if it's avaliable, i'm demonrat on nearly everything, although i used to go by doodledemons and doodleroses
if the links don't work:
toyhou.se - demonrat
artfight - doodledemons
kandipatterns - demonrat
discord - #demonrat2461
tiktok - _demon_rat_